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The last days of the Walhalla Boot Shop museum

In June of 2019 I had the opportunity to photograph the last days of the Walhalla Warburton Boot Shop museum, a privately owned and run collection in Warburton.

Valda, the lady who owns the building and museum has had an interesting past, being Colonel Sir Ernest Edward “Weary” Dunlop’s last secretary. Weary Dunlop was an Australian surgeon renowned for his leadership whilst being a Japanese POW in World War II.

The museum, the former Walhalla boot shop was transported plank by plank from Walhalla, Victoria and rebuilt on Warburton’s Main Street. An avid lover of local history, Valda bought and turned the shop into a private museum in which she recreated Weary Dunlop’s office as well as showcased items she’s collected from various op-shops across Victoria.

The indomitable Valda. 

Hat pins.

Old electric kettles.

Valda has a still moment at the entrance to her replica of Weary Dunlop’s office.

Local artist Peter van Breugel discovers artwork he made many years ago.

Valda decides to keep it. She loves kookaburras. 

The artist’s dog, not certain she’s allowed to come inside.

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