Yarra Valley documentary photographer.

Thoughtful, evocative storytelling for individuals who want beautifully honest photographs of their lives.


Gathoni Howard, Yarra valley family photographer
Photo by Tanja Kibogo

Hi, my name is Gathoni. I am a documentary photographer based in Warburton in the beautiful Yarra Valley. Originally from Kenya, I fell in love with a local boy while we were both finding ourselves in Europe, got hitched and moved to Australia in 2017. 

When we look at a picture we are time travellers to moments in our lives that show us who we are, where we come from, how it felt to be alive and to be loved  in that time. Separated as I am from my family in Kenya, I know how important this is to the couples and families I work for. 

I photograph people when they are at their most vulnerable and care deeply about this responsibility. I’m not just a photographer, I’m a friend with a camera, thoughtfully documenting the highlights but also noticing the subtle and sometimes funny moments in-between.

Warburton, yarra valley family photographer

Linc keeps his eye on the prize at the Warburton candy emporium

Your life at any season is a constantly evolving, beautiful, ephemeral work of art. The photos we make will be yours and your family’s legacy, priceless as time moves on more so than anything else you invest in.

If you’re getting married in Warburton or visiting the Yarra Valley with your family  I would be honoured to make some memories for you. 

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